2016 Stage Presentations and Entertainment 

WORKSHOP: Starting Your Day to Win at Life: How to Change Your Life in 15 Minutes a Day

Today’s busy women who have big dreams, big hearts, and big ambition often struggle to find the time to take care of themselves and set their life and the up for success

In this workshop, you learn: The three powerful, yet simple steps, to start your day feeling energized, happy and ready to take on the world. How to create powerful belief statements that will help you get what you want so you can feel proud, happy, and fulfilled in your life, every single day. You’ll learn why most beliefs and affirmations don’t work and the secret tool does

You’ll leave this workshop with a new set of powerful statements that will energize your and enhance your daily sense of success and help improve your life and relationships. 

PRESENTATION: Stop Building the Wrong Dream & Start Changing Your World!

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s common to hear of women who wake up one day in a job they don’t like, or at home with kids who have never seen their mother truly thrive and be her true self.

 In the haste of becoming adults in their 20s, many 30- and 40-year-olds end up with a large collection of shelved dreams, and feel dissatisfied, aimless, burnt out, or wanting to do better with the rest of their life.

 That’s what happened to Anne-Sophie Dumetz, who’ll share how a simple question from her 4-year old and a trip to the ER helped her realize it was time to stop putting her energy to projects that zapped her mojo and magic away and start becoming building the future and life she wanted for herself and her family now

In this candid and refreshing talk, you’ll learn:

 How to know for sure if you’re investing your time in the wrong projects. What is the dangerous “BS Vortex” that keeps dreams unfulfilled, even after course correcting your path The action plan you need to course correct, feel like yourself again, and be on course to being your own fairy god mother and making your own dreams come true!

This fun and refreshing talk will leave you re-inspired and excited about your potential and dreams, and ready to realign your life and business to one you absolutely love.

Ladies, it’s time to learn how to use your biz to grow yourself, inspire people & impact your world!


Stage Presentation: Beauty and Make-up Tips

Laura Landry has been in the image business for 21 years with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  With a passion for women, beauty & glamour Laura believes when you look good you feel great! Over the years she has taught hundreds of women how to find their best skin care routine & glamour look, that fits their lifestyle & budget. Her experience in the cosmetic field is extensive & covers everyone from teens, brides, moms, to those in their most interesting years. Whether it's treating acne, those expression lines, wanting to know how to put a look together for everyday, that special occasion or the latest tips & trends, my job is to help women get results, look their best & feel special! Feel free to contact me for your free personal consultation.

Presentation: Osteofit program

Teena Gowdy has lived in Kelowna for over 30 years, she holds a certificate in Gerontology, is a BCRPA group Fitness leader, certified Zumba instructor and registered Osteofit instructor. She holds a diploma in Community Health Care and has worked in the Activities department through the Adult Day Service with Interior Health for 10 years. If you know Teena, you will already know she loves to sing whenever and wherever she can! She will be sharing briefly about her newly formed Osteofit program, also why this program is so important, as we are all aging.

Teena has been featured on the site, KelownaNow.comTeenaGowdy for more information on her life in focus.